I wonder if the majority of Russian citizens, and those of Belarus think about what it would mean for them, if the Kremlin crossed that Nuclear line which we all fear. I can't believe that the Russian Senior Military leaders see the route to victory of any kind, being the result of this tactic.

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If we can determine that Russia hasn't upped it's readiness level then the ultimatum should be that if they do then we will arm Ukraine with tactical nuclear weapons immediately.

Since most of Russia's nuclear weapons appear to have been built by Ukies there would be severe credibility in this type of threat. They would sure know how to use them.

I like that we are now arming them to Nato standards irregardless of what Russia thinks.

Remember, we don't want to start WW3 like one and two started.

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If nukes get used in this war, all bets are off. That prospect terrifies me.

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