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Good as far as it goes but lets not forget the Left in the US and Canadian commitment to shut down the fossil fuel industry. That sent fuel prices rocketing well before the Russian invasion.

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Great reporting again. I believe PM Justin Trudeau MUST change his commitment towards Climate Change. World wide, oil and gas is required in so many ways, we must continue to exploit our resources in a climate friendly manner. Our economy needs that industry and we must promote LNG projects. Canada should not be importing any oil and gas from foreign countries. If Provinces choose to do so, then tax their imported oil and gas accordingly.

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Oh dear so typically the Guardian. I stopped reading its of so PC stuff years ago but bet Justin loves it.

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OK . . . During may and June . . . China imported More Russian Oil than ever before . . . freeing up oil from other countries to sell to the west. India too is buying Russian oil . . . Again freeing up oil from other countries to sell to Europeans. Global Oil supplies are a Big Balance . . . Stop buying from me . . . I will sell to someone else ! That is why this week oil prices in the West dropped . . .

The REAL problem with fossil Fuels is what is attached to the CO2 going up the smoke stack . . .

The by-products from burning fossil fuels:

1. Sulfur dioxide (SO2), which contributes to acid rain and respiratory illnesses

2. Nitrogen oxides (NOx), which contribute to smog and respiratory illnesses

3. Particulates, which contribute to smog, haze, and respiratory illnesses and lung disease

4. Mercury and other heavy metals linked to both neurological and developmental damage

5. Fly ash and bottom ash, that are residues created when power plants burn coal

All are significantly reduced when we invest $800,000 million. As we see at Beldune New Brunswick. A coal fired power plant.

Let’s work smarter, Not Harder . . . Be Visionaries, with a Goal – Clean-up Now!

Flue gas treatment technologies

“Scrubbers is the generic term applied to flue gas treatment processes. There are both liquid, and solid-type gas treatment processes that are a function of the physical and chemical properties of the contaminant being removed. Among others, they include: wet scrubbers, dry scrubbers, adsorbents and mercury removal processes that chemically convert volatile elemental mercury in the hot flue gas into solid water-soluble salts that can be collected. There are also variants such as electrostatic precipitators and desulfurizing processes.

The Clean Air Act (USA) requirements have driven development and installation of many technologies to reduce hazardous air pollutants in many industries. Several common approaches for flue gas cleanup applications have been generally described here. Scrubbers of various types are widely used commercially and have been found to be feasible technologies for numerous combustion applications, particularly for coal and oil electric power generation and other heat-dependent applications. Emissions of sulfur and nitrogen oxides, toxic stable organic chemicals, mercury and particulates can be managed to high degrees of removal.”


Solutions . . . Not just finger pointing at the obvious problems . . .

It is long overdue that humans visit the truth of Science in all of our Environmentalist Narratives. Clean-up the Planet of foul effluent first. Set CO2 on the back burner for now. Our obsession with CO2 is NOT helping the clean-up of the Environment. It is holding back the progress towards cleaning up of the pollution that is truly destroying the Environment on Planet Earth.

See . . . https://www.allaboutenergy.net/350-energy/today/electric-vehicles-and-batteries/3199-batteries-renewable-energy-and-evs?highlight=WyJqaW0iLCJsZSIsIm1haXN0cmUiLCJqaW0gbGUiLCJqaW0gbGUgbWFpc3RyZSIsImxlIG1haXN0cmUiXQ==

Add . . . https://www.allaboutenergy.net/270-energy/today/multiple-energy-types/world/3208-clean-green-energy-net-zero-fairy-tales-on-steroids?highlight=WyJqaW0iLCJsZSIsIm1haXN0cmUiLCJqaW0gbGUiLCJqaW0gbGUgbWFpc3RyZSIsImxlIG1haXN0cmUiXQ==

My Thoughts

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Hi, Just saw your post about the AFN on the National Post. You are right that there is a quiet revolution slowly happening. Here is some of the thinking that's been at work over the years. https://champions.substack.com/p/a-dream-like-mine and https://champions.substack.com/p/beyond-just-protesting. I know you keep your finger on the pulse of First Nations stuff. Thought you would enjoy the thought experiment that these two essays raise on "Reconciliation". Best regards and much respect \o/ Meaghan Walker-Williams

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Thanks Diane. Cranks and pseudo intellectual's paper.

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What does "affording" have to do with it? If you got an 99% on your college boards, would you cough up a couple points to someone who didnt put in the time to study? The US also spends far more on foreign aid but for any organization to work, they have to have skin in the game. There are far too many countries that treat the UN like a perpetual vacation in NYC

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Great article Diane. I liked “Greta Thunberg’s favourite photo-op partner, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, to drop his climate zealotry.” So accurate. I’m sure all of Europe would agree with that. ‘Renewables’ right now seem like a distant dream unless you include nuclear energy which the EU endorsed Wednesday as ‘green’.

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Yes Trudeau lightweight and full of 'climate zealotry' as is Biden. Read fake Invisible Catasprophes and Threats of Doom by Patrick Moore, a co-founder of Greenpeace, to find out why this hysteria about climate change is fake, esp. David Attenborough's fear mongering. Is there one party in PC Canada exposing the lies?

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